• Sep 30 2022

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    Obesity: The preventable epidemic

    Did you know that more than half of pets in the United States are overweight or obese? This is up from just over 30% in 2013!  That’s not good news,…

  • Sep 09 2022

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    How to Recognize and Prevent Heatstroke in Your Pet

    When it’s hot outside, our pets are at higher risk for heatstroke, which is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition.   So, what causes this medical emergency in pets, and more…

  • Mar 07 2022

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    Pet Dental Health: Dogs and Cats Need Dental Care Too!

    Dental care plays an important role in your pet’s overall health, so we’re sharing some important information about why we make pet dental care a priority at Mt. Shasta Animal…

  • Mar 07 2022

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    Fleas and Ticks: Not Just Irritating Pests

    This time of year, we start thinking more about parasites like fleas and ticks infesting our pets. These parasites become a greater threat as the weather starts to warm up,…

  • Jan 18 2022

    Pet Insurance: Get Peace of Mind for Your Pet’s Veterinary Care

    If something unexpected happens to your pet, are you prepared to pay for the cost of services out of pocket? If you don’t have money set aside in an emergency…

  • Dec 16 2021


    Pet Vaccinations: The Point of Vaccines for Dogs and Cats Last month, we talked about the importance of wellness exams and how visiting us (your pet’s veterinarian) regularly can help…

  • Nov 05 2021

    Wellness Exams

    Wellness Exams: What’s All the Fuss About? Does it seem like we’re always asking you to bring your pet in for a wellness visit? As much as we love seeing…