Our goal is to identify your pet’s medical needs on your first visit in an effort to reduce critical time and client costs. Since many of our results are obtained within 24 hours, we have more time to administer treatment. We are able to gather these results in a timely manner thanks to our modern equipment and well-trained staff.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Panel

It is recommended at Mt Shasta Animal Hospital to screen blood work prior to any operations requiring anesthesia to avoid potential risks such as kidney or liver disease. This is taken as a precautionary measure allowing us to prepare for potential complications. You would be surprised by how many dormant conditions have been surfaced due to pre-anesthetic blood work.

Senior Blood Panel

As pets age, their medical needs become more important. And since pets have an innate defense mechanism in place to keep us from knowing their level of pain, it’s essential to start conducting Senior Blood Panels early on. These help us identify diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure and thyroid disease, which may add years to your pet’s life when surfaced in early stages.

Chronic Diseases and Medications

Regardless of your pet’s history, we still recommend annual blood work. As dogs and cats age, they become more susceptible to illness and chronic conditions, even if they have been healthy throughout their lives. The sooner we catch potential issues, the better. Blood work and consistent veterinary exams are a great start.