In an effort to remain prepared to always serve your needs, Mt Shasta Animal Hospital keeps pharmaceuticals on-site to administer individualized treatments. Rest assured that all of the medications at our facility are shipped directly from the manufacturer and protected by their guarantees. If you call us ahead of time, we will make sure to fill your prescription in a timely manner.

Since we have strong relationships with our distributors and hold a valued reputation, we are proud to offer the most competitive prices to our clients. By using us for your pet’s medication needs, you are supporting the local community and helping us to continue offering medications at competitive prices, as well as keeping the prices of our other wellness services low.

Mt Shasta Animal Hospital is committed to helping all our patients achieve the help they need to recover while experiencing the least amount of pain. We believe that no pet should have to suffer, so we are happy to work with you until we find the ideal prescription for your pet.